Event Day and Date Time
Shashti - Subramanya Abhishekam Wednesday, June 28th

6:00 PM

Narasimha Abhishekam Monday, July 3rd

9:00 AM

Sankara Hara Chaturthi - Ganesha Abhishekam Wednesday, July 12th

6:00 PM

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Dharma protects those who protect it - Is the basis and foundation on which ICCT Poshaka Parivar program is devised. A program that aims to nurture the sense of family, belonging and connection between ICCT and our community members who supports (generously by various means) the progress and development of India Cultural Center and Temple, more importantly to bring the community of individuals who believe in upholding Sanatana Dharma.

Friday, July 14th to Saturday, July 22nd

Sri Ram Katha - Discourse in Hindi by Premmurti Pujya Shri Prem Bhushanji Maharaj every evening



Every Saturday - 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Sanskrit classes will be conducted every Saturday at the Multi Cultural Pavilion. All are welcome. There are no charges or fees to attend the classes. Mr. Sabyasachee Mishra will be leading and teaching Samskrit.

Every Saturday, 10:00 - 11:30 AM

ICCT Music Academy conducts weekly Carnatic music classes by Smt. Shobana Krupasagar who has earned her B.A. in Music from the Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai (one of the premier institutes for fine arts and dance) in 2012 and her Masters in Carnatic Music from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India in 2014.

Every Saturday, 09:30 - 11:30 AM

ICCT Dance Academy conducts weekly kuchipudi dance classes taught by Dance masters Sri Dr. Ramana Vasili and Smt Chandra Prabha Vasili. New students are currently being accepted and being trained for an on stage performance at ICCT's 2nd Jeernodharana (Kumbhabhishekam) event to be held in June 2017.

Did you know that every purchase you make at Kroger supports ICCT ?

Just link your Kroger rewards card to ICCT and Kroger donates a percentage of your purchases to ICCT. It only takes 2 minutes to link your card to ICCT. See inside for further details.

If you need help registering, please talk to one of our volunteers at the "Annadanam" desk in the Dining Hall on Saturday's.

Thank you in advance for your kind gesture!


We sincerely THANK YOU for the support you have provided all these years and continue to provide as ICCT makes every effort to better serve the community. It is with sincere humbleness and eagerness that we request you to consider joining ICCT Poshaka Parivar and help us promote Heritage, Devotion & Spirituality for generations to come.

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Temple Etiquette

Please comply with these rules for a serene and spiritual experience for you and your fellow devotees

(Effective from 01 Jan 2010)
1. Wear Conservative and Traditional clothing. Jeans, Shorts, T-Shirts with slogans, Sweat Pants & Sweat Shirts are not allowed.
2. Must have Tilak on forehead to enter the Temple.
3. Leave your shoes in the shoe racks only.


Annadanam Samam Danam Trilokeshu Na Vidhathe

These are the verses from the Vedas which mean that Annadanam is supreme and incomparable to any charity. Food is the basic requirement for all humans. Thus according to the Vedas, the one who does Annadanam to devotees attains heaven (Punya Loka) in this universe (Brahmanda) itself. In this whole universe, the creation and its progression depends on food. Hence giving food to the devotees is more than attaining heaven.

Instructions to Create Online Account

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**Note: Year-End statements are ready for you to print online after 31st January.


Devotees who have pending balances on their pledges for the previous years' are requested to complete their pledges this year.


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