Brahmotsavam & Navaratri Celebrations

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Parvathi Abhishekam 09:00 AM & 07:00 PM
Venkateswara Homam 10:00 AM & 04:00 PM
Durga Homam 11:00 AM
Unjal Seva 06:45 PM







Day 1 - Thursday, September 21
Ankurarpanam 06:00 PM
Parvathi Kalasa Stapana 07:00 PM






Day 2 - Friday, September 22
Procession 05:00 PM
Dhwajarohanam  06:00 PM
Bala Tripura Sundari Alankaram 08:00 PM






Day 3 - Saturday, September 23
On the third day evening the Lord if taken out in a procession on Sesha (Serpent God) as his vehicle. Aadi Sesha is a seat on which Lord Sriman Narayana rests in his abode Sri Vaikunta.
Sesha Vahana Seva 06:00 PM
Gayatri Alankaram 08:00 PM
NAIVEDYAM: Pulihora, Dosa, Chakra Pongal










Day 4 - Sunday, September 24
On the fourth day evening the Lord is take out in a procession on Hamsa (Swan) as his vehicle. Hamsa or swan means 'pure'. Hamsa is believed to have a high intellectual capability and can distinguish good from bad.
Hamsa Vahana Seva 06:00 PM
Meenakshi Alankaram 08:00 PM
NAIVEDYAM: Kesari, Dadhyojanam, Dosa










Day 5 - Monday, September 25
On the fifth day evening the Lord is taken out in the procession decorated as Sarva Bhoopala on Kalpa Vruksha as his vehicle signifying that he is the Lord of Lords and he is the giver of boons to his devotees and fulfills their wishes.
Kalpavruksha Vahana Seva 06:00 PM
Annapoorna Alankaram 08:00 PM
NAIVEDYAM: Kadambam, Dosa, Pulihora









Day 6 - Tuesday, September 26
On the sixth day evening the Lord Sri Venkateswara is taken out in the procession specially decorated, with his main devotee and main vehicle Garuda the king of birds as his vehicle. It is believed and said that it is highly meritorious and mukthi pradham to have darshan of the Lord seated on Garuda, the vahana of Lord Vishnu.
Garuda Vahana Seva 06:00 PM
Kamakshi Alankaram 08:00 PM
NAIVEDYAM: Chakra Pongal, Pulihora, Laddu, Vada, Dosa, Coconut Rice











Day 7 - Wednesday, September 27
On the seventh day evening the Lord is taken out in procession on Lord Hanuman as his vehicle. Hanuman is the personification of the most devoted and self less service to the Lord in his avathara as Sri Rama in Treta Yuga.
Hanumath Vahana Seva 06:00 PM
Samoohika Aksharabhyasam 07:30 PM
Saraswathi Pooja 08:00 PM
Saraswathi Alankaram 08:00 PM
NAIVEDYAM: Vada, Pongal, Dosa, Ksheeranam/Lemon Rice












Day 8 - Thursday, September 28
On the eighth day evening the Lord taken out in procession on Elephant (Gaja) or Airavathan as his vehicle. We find in Sri Madbhagavatham (Gajendra Moksham) Lord instantly coming to the rescue of Gajendra and get him relieved from the clutches of the crocodile.
Gaja Vahana Seva 06:00 PM
Vana Durga Alankaram 08:00 PM
NAIVEDYAM: Dadhyojanam, Sundali, Dosa, Payasam (w/ brown sugar), Vada










Day 9 - Friday, September 29
On the ninth day the Lord Venkateswara is taken ou in procession along with His concerts seated on a fully decorated Chariot pulled by the devotees with the chanting of Govinda Nama Smarana. It is believed and said that those who witness the Lord seated on the Chariot during Rathostavam will not be reborn.
Ratha Vahana Seva 05:00 PM

Mahishasura Mardini Procession

05:30 PM
Mahakali Alankaram 08:00 PM
NAIVEDYAM: Dosa, Pongal, Kesari, Urad Vada, Pulihora












Day 10 - Saturday, September 30
On the tenth day evening the Lord is taken out in procession on Aswa (Horse) as his vehicle symbolizing the forthcoming Kalki Avthara. Lord assumed the form of Horse head during his avathara as Hayagreeva.
Chakrasnanam 10:00 AM
Durga Homam; Poornahuthi 11:30 AM
Aswa Vahana Seva 04:30 PM
Dhwaja Avarohanam 05:00 PM

Parvathi Abhishekam; Kalasa Udvasana

Venkateswara Homam; Poornahuthi

Venkateswara Kalasa Udvasana

05:30 PM

Ravana Dahanam & FIREWORKS

06:30 PM
Raja Rajeswari Alankaram 07:00 PM
Parvathi Aradhana 07:00 PM
Mantra Pushpam to Parvathi Devi 07:30 PM
Mantra Pushpam to Sri Venkateswara 08:00 PM
Mahadaseervachanam and Teertha Prasadam 08:30 PM
NAIVEDYAM: Sundali, Chakra Pongal, Sweet, Vada, Payasam
























  1 Day All Days
Navratri $ 51 $ 251
Brahmotsavam $ 51 $ 251







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Naivedyam Schedule

Devotees bringing Naivedyam are requested to comply with the schedule below for the benefit of all

Date Pooja Naivedyam

Sep 23

Sesha Vahana Pulihora, Dosa
Gayatri Alankaram Chakra Pongal
Sep 24
Hamsa Vahana Kesari, Dadhyojanam, Dosa
Meenakshi Alankaram Dadhyojanam
Sep 25
Kalpavruksha Vahana Kadambam, Dosa
Annapoorna Alankaram Pulihora
Sep 26
Garuda Vahana Chakra Pongal, Pulihora, Laddu, Vada, Dosa
Kamakshi Alankaram Cocunut Rice
Sep 27
Hanumath Vahana Vada, Pongal, Dosa
Saraswati Alankaram Ksheeranam / Lemon Rice
Sep 28
Gaja Vahana Dadhyojanam, Sundali, Dosa
Vana Durga Alankaram Payasam (w/ Brown Sugar), Vada
Sep 29
Ratha Vahana Dosa, Pongal, Kesari
Mahakali Alankaram Urad Vada, Pulihora
Sep 30
Aswa Vahana Sundali, Chakra Pongal
Raja Rajeshwari Alankaram Sweet, Vada, Payasam


Devotees bringing Naivedyam are requested to comply with the above schedule for the benefit of all


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