Join our ICCT Poshaka Parivar

Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitaha!

We sincerely THANK YOU for the support you have provided all these years and continue to provide as ICCT makes every effort to better serve the community.

ICCT appreciates and recognizes that many of you participated in My Temple My Pledge (MTMP) program, so it goes without saying that your participation and support to MTMP program was a key factor in contributing towards the much needed support for ICCT in managing monthly maintenance and operational costs which in turn helps ICCT to maintain and provide a serene environment for worshipping.

As you may be aware, beginning year 2015, ICCT is working towards consolidating and streamlining the Poshaka aveneues for our community members to take part and continue their support. As part of the process, we have made the transition and aligned the “My Temple My Pledge” (MTMP) program within the newly restructured ICCT Poshaka Parivar program and named it as "Yuva Raja Poshaka" to be consistent. It is also the most popular Poshaka avenue that most devotees sign up.

For our community's benefit and to align with the Poshaka Parivar contribution structure we have reduced the contribution amount of Yuva Raja Poshaka from $1200 to $1000 annually. As a convenience to our community members, we also have a monthly recurring payment option for all Poshaka avenues from "Yuva Raja Poshaka". It's the meaningful and affordable contributions such as these that brings the most significant and positive impact to our ICCT and community.

It is with sincere humbleness and eagerness that we request you to consider joining ICCT Poshaka Parivar and help us promote Heritage, Devotion & Spirituality for generations to come. For additional details contact us at