Sanskrit Classes (Free)

The proposed class assumes no prior experience or knowledge of Sanskritam. The language is taught in a direct, interactive, and intuitive manner. Everyone attending can learn to converse effortlessly in a fun-filled environment. Samskrita Bharati's (a  non-profit organization ) teaching methodology will be used in the class. The direct approach to language learning is thus a four-stepped process: listen-speak-read-write. Those of us who know any Indian language is ideally suited to adopt this approach. Because almost all Indian languages borrow heavily from Samskritam - in terms of vocabulary, concepts, usage and sentence construction. But students without background on any Indian languages are also welcome to attend. The course will be very enjoyable, and will cover a series of text books, one after another making everyone to speak, read, understand, and write Samskritam.


Following are few Q&As about the class.

Q. How does the class meet?

The class meets once in a week at the Indian Cultural Center.


Q. How many times a week does the class meet?

The class meets once a week, on Saturdays for 90 minutes.


Q. Is class attendance required?

Yes, attendance at the weekly classes is very much desirable. However, if anyone misses a class, we will try every effort to bring the student up to speed.


Q. Is homework assigned?

Yes, homework is assigned every week. The only purpose of homework is to keep everyone engaged in learning samskritam.


Q. What is the means of interaction?

The instructor will send an email in the beginning of the week (Monday) reminding about the home work and also send a remainder email later in the week (Friday) about the class. The class will have a google group and the interaction during the week will be in the form of email exchanges.


Q. Who is the instructor?

Sabya Mishra, will teach the class. He is an assistant professor in Civil Engineering, and taught a similar class in the University of Maryland College Park. He can be reached at


Q. Can children attend?

Yes, Most definitely! We encourage all children above 8 years to learn Samskritam.


Q. Can I get my friends and colleagues at work to attend the classes?

Yes, You are welcome to get anyone who is interested to learn Samskritam.


Q. There was a Samskritam class going on every saturday, how is this class different?

Mr Sabyasachee Mishra is an experienced Samskrit instructor who has recently moved to Memphis and has taken the initiative to teach Samskritam in a structured manner.


Q. Are there any fees?

No, the class is FREE. Only attendance, interest and effort are needed to learn samskritam.