Punyahavachanam or Homam Material

Punyahavachanam or Homam

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Item Quantity
Turmeric powder   small pkt
  Kumkum   small pkt
  Sandalwood powder   small tin
  Betel leaves   20
  Betel nuts   25
  Coconuts   3
  Fruits any variety  
  Vastram for kalasam   1-towel & 1-blouse piece(1 yard)
  Rice   2 lbs
  Camphor   small pkt
  Incense   1 pkt
  Match box   1
  Deeparadhana samagri (Deepam, oil & wicks)    
  Aluminum tray   1
  Ghee   1 lb
  *Navadhanyam only for Navagraha homam  
  Dry coconut piece (copra)   1
  Quarter Coins   for $15 (60 coins)
  Prasadam as per family tradition    

  Dry Coconut - Copra (Preferable)
  Firelog (smokeless)

  1 lb
  Havan Samagri   1 pack