Temple Services

Services Donation Information
(Effective 01/01/2008)
Surcharge: Weekend services at Home for Non-Members only - $25
A $50 Member discount will be provided for qualifying items
Location Charge
 Within Shelby County  As given below
 Outside of Shelby County  $150/day + Service fee


Please click on pooja/service link for required pooja materials.
Pooja/Service At Home At Temple
 Sahasranama Archana   $30.00
 Abhishekam (For any Deity)   $125.00
 Kalyanotsavam   $175.00
 Satyanarayana Pooja $275.00 $200.00
 Punyahavachanam $225.00  
 Any Homam $275.00 $200.00
 Vahana Pooja (New Vehicle)   $150.00
 Bhoomi Pooja (Ground Breaking) $250.00  
 Gruhapravesam (House Warming) $350.00  
 Gruhapravesam with Homam or Satyanarayana Pooja $500.00  
 Nischithardham (Engagement) $275.00 $200.00
 Vivaham (Wedding) $625.00 $550.00
 Seemantham (Baby Shower) $325.00 $250.00
 Namakaranam (Naming) $225.00 $150.00
 Annaprasanam (Baby Feeding) $225.00 $150.00
 Kesa Khandanam (Hair Offering) $225.00 $150.00
 Aksharabhyasam (Letters Initiation) $225.00 $150.00
 Upanayanam (Sacred Thread Ceremony) $625.00 $550.00
 Shashtyabda Poorthi (60th Birthday) $625.00 $550.00
 Hiranyana Shraddam (Death Anniversary) $225.00 $150.00
 Anthya Kriya (Last-Rites) $550.00  

Special Services
 Udayaasthamaya Seva  $525.00/Day
 Venkateswara/Siva Sahasranamarchana  $551.00/Yr
 Abhishekam - Parvathi/Lakshmi (Friday)  $551.00/Yr
 Ganesh Abhishekam on Sankata Hara Chaturthi  $551.00/Yr
 Murugan Abhishekam on Shashti or Krittika  $551.00/Yr
 Ayyappa Abhishekam on Sankramanam  $551.00/Yr
 Abhishekam - Siva (Masa Sivaratri)  $551.00/Yr
 Lalitha/Lakshmi Sahasranamarchana  $551.00/Yr
 Gaja Mala (Fresh flowers) Seva  $501.00/Yr
 Venkateswara Abhishekam  $3000.00/Yr
 Narasimhaswamy Abhishekam / Sahasranamarchana  $551.00/Yr
 Naga Devatha Abhishekam  $551.00/Yr
 Kala Sarpa Dosha Pooja  $551.00/Yr
 Rahu Kethu Pooja  $551.00/Yr
 Naga Devatha Homam + Abhishekam + Rahu Ketu Pooja (As done in Sri Kalahasti)  $501.00

Cultural Center Utilization
 Security Deposit  $100.00
 Before 5:00 pm  $50.00/hr
 Between 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm  $200.00

Multipurpose Ceremonial Pavilion
 Security Deposit  $500.00
 Hourly Rental Rate for Package A  $200.00
 Package A (No Stage, Audio Visual System and Mantapam)  $1000.00
 Package B (Stage and Audio Visual system)  $2500.00
 Chairs each $1.00
 Tables each $5.00

For services rendered at home: Devotee must provide necessary pooja material, transportation and dakshina for the priests.
For reservations and other details contact temple at (901) 202-6070