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Laksha Modaka Sri Maha Ganapathi Yagnam 2021

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India cultural center and temple has been performing yagnas annually since 1997. The yagnam that was scheduled in 2020 had been postponed due to the onset of the Covid-19 virus. The same yagnam – “LAKSHA MODAKA SRI MAHA GANAPATHI YAGNAM” is scheduled this year from August 25 to 29, 2021.

This yagnam is performed to seek blessings from Sri Ganesha at the beginning of the new decade for the eradication of the Covid-19 virus, restore balance in the nature and for the peace and prosperity of mankind.

As most of you are aware, Lord Ganesha is fond of modakas and in order to propitiate Him, 100,000 modakas have been prepared with great love and devotion by ICCT volunteers. These modakas will be offered to Ganesha during the course of 5 days of the yagnam.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, limited number of attendees allowed. ICCT will allocate slots upon payment on a first-come, first-served basis. Sponsor today!

COVID-19 vaccination is REQUIRED for all attendees 12 years and older. Due to space restrictions, only family members of sponsor are allowed to perform Homam during Yagnam.



Day and DateMorning ScheduleEvening Schedule
Wednesday, May 3No Event
4:00 PM

Anugna,Ganapathi pooja, Punyahavachanam,Panchagavya prasanam, Rakshabandhanam, Ritvikvarnam, Saivasthra pooja, Mritsangrahanam, Ankuraropanam.

6:00 PM
Narasimha Swamy Swarna Rathotsavam
Thursday, May 48.00 AM

Ganapathi pooja,Punyahavachanam,Vasthu pooja & Paryagnikaranam, Agnimadhanam & Prathista, Subramanya Swamy homam, Nivedana, Aarathi. Teerthaprasada Viniyogam ,Pravachanam.

Ishti Homam: Vidya Ganapathi homam
4:00 PM

Pradhana kalasa aradhanam, Subramanya Swamy homam, Nivedana, Aarathi, Teerthaprasada Viniyogam.

Ishti Homam: Swayamvara Parvathi homam

6:00 PM
Cultural Program : Nadaswaram concert by Shri Kasim and Babu
Friday, May 58:00 AM

Pradhana kalasa aradhanam, Subramanya Swamy homam, Nivedana, Aarathi.
Teerthaprasada Viniyogam, Pravachanam.

Ishti Homam: Dhanalakshmi Homam
4:00 PM

Pradhana kalasa aradhanam, Subramanya Swamy homam, Nivedana, Aarathi.
Teerthaprasada Viniyogam.

Ishti Homam : Lalitha Sahasranama Homam

6:00 PM
Valli Devasena Sahitha Subramanya Swamy Rathotsavam
Saturday, May 68:00 AM

Pradhana kalasa aradhanam, Subramanya Swamy homam, Nivedana, Aarathi.
Teerthaprasada Viniyogam, Pravachanam.

Ishti Homam: Maha Mrutyanjayam Homam
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Pradhana kalasa aradhanam, Subramanya Swamy homam, Nivedana, Aarathi.
Teerthaprasada Viniyogam, Acharya Sambhavana.

Ishti Homam : Bada Banala Jwala Sudarshana Homam

6:00 PM
Cultural Program : Flute and Shehnai Fusion Concert
Sunday, May 78:00 AM

Subramanya Swamy homam, Maha Poornahuthi, Pradhana Kalasa Alaya pravesam, Mahabhishekam, Avabrutha snanam, Visesha aradhanam. Mahadaseervachanam,Teerthaprasada Viniyogam, Acharya Sambhavana.

Ishti Homam: Navagraha Homam
No Event



NOTE: No sponsorship is required if you have already sponsored for this yagnam in 2020. Your previous year’s yagnam sponsorship is still valid this year.

Yagnam Sponsorship: Donors who sponsors $1000 and above can participate in Yagnam all days and all sessions. Any donation below $1000 will be considered as general donation towards Yagnam. Please use Other Amount selection to pay partial payments for your sponsorship.

Annadanam ($5k) & Dravya, Ghee & Havis ($5k) Sponsorship: As an additional benefit, donors are allowed to participate in Yagnam at $1000 level for all days without any additional sponsorships.

Diamond$10,000AvailableGold chain with Shanmukha rudraksha
Platinum$5,000AvailableGold mounted Shanmukha rudraksha
Gold$2,500AvailableSilver mounted Shanmukha rudraksha
Silver$1,000AvailableShanmukha rudraksha
Annadanam (All 5 days; all sessions)$5,000Available- Sponsors will be recognized and blessed.
- $1000 level Yagnam sponsorship is included.
- All days - Yagnam is included
Dravya, Ghee and Havis Danam
(All 5 days; all sessions)
$5,000Available- Sponsors will be recognized and blessed.
- $1000 level Yagnam sponsorship is included.
- All days - Yagnam is included
Dravya, Ghee and Havis Danam (One session only - morning or evening )$500Available- Sponsors will be recognized and blessed.





CULTURAL PROGRAM (Friday, August 27 at 6:30 PM)

On Friday evening, devotees will be treated to a melodious vocal concert by Sri Vikram Suresh accompanied by Sri Prasad Mantraratnam on Violin and Dr. Ekambaram on Mridangam.

Sri Vikram Suresh is a devoted vocal artist who has performed at multiple concerts in India and USA. His Gurus include Sri. P.B. Srirangachari (2008-current), Sri. Suresh Gosakan, Smt. Usha Bharadwaj, Sri. K.R. Kannan and Sri. Pitchaiah. He has won several accolades and prizes in multiple competitions. He is a resident of Memphis and is currently doing his Phd at the University of Memphis. Many of his accomplishments are listed below.
  • Second prize in Bhaktaswara Bhajan Mandali, Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan – 2007
  • First prize in Bhaktaswara Bhajan Mandali, Krishna Gana Sabha – 2008
  • First Prize prizes in TAMBRAAS Bhaktaswara Bhajan Mandali – 2009
  • Frist prize in Suprabhatha Sabha Bhaktaswara Bhajan Mandali – 2010
  • Best Junior Singer Award in Indonesia Super Singer held in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Best Singer in ‘Milan’ Cultural Festival conducted by SRM University – 2012
  • Best Classical Band Award in ‘Milan’ Cultural Festival conducted by SRM University 2012
  • First Prize in Annamacharya Theme competition, TTD Chennai – 2003
  • Second Prize in Thyagarajaswami Theme Competition, TAMBRAAS – 2009
  • First Prize in Devotees Trust, Chennai – 2010
Click this link to view one of his performances – www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIY5YqTAx0E
Violinist, Sri Prasad Mantraratnam, from Huntsville, AL is originally from Warangal, Andhra Pradesh in India. He is the disciple of Sri “Akella Mallikarjuna Sarma”, a leading violinist in Andhra Pradesh. Prasad has been a performing violinist both Solo & Accompaniment since 1989. He has performed at several sabhas and organizations widely within India and abroad as well as in All India Radio & TV. He has accompanied on violin for senior musicians. Prasad has received scholarship from Indian HRD ministry in 1991 for advanced learning in Violin, which was awarded to about 8 persons in the field of Music. Prasad worked at ISRO satellite center, Bangalore, India for about 4 years and then joined Intergraph India (Hyderabad) where he worked for about 11 years before moving to Intergraph Corporation Headquarters at Huntsville AL in March 2008. Academically, Prasad has a Mech Engg degree from JNTU Hyderabad and a Masters degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute Of Technology, Chicago
Mridangist, Dr. Rajappa Ekambaram from Huntsville AL is originally from Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu. Dr. Ekambaram has widely performed well over 30 years at several sabhas in India and USA, accompanying senior artistes like L.Subramanyam, Prapancham Seetharam, K.J. Yesudas, Sankaran Nambudri and several others. Apart from Mridangam, Dr. Ekambaram also plays several other percussion instruments like Kanjira, Ghatam, Tavil, Morsing and Tabla. Dr. Ekambaram is a Physician by profession and practicing in USA since 1976.




Lunch and dinner will be served in to-go boxes for all devotees. Please maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance between you / family and other devotees when eating maha prasadam.

Day & DateLunch (Prepared by)Dinner (Prepared by)
Wednesday, May 3No LunchGujarati Cuisine
(Gujarati Team)
Thursday, May 4Marathi Cuisine
(Marathi Team)
Tamil Nadu Cuisine
(Tamil team)
Friday, May 5Oriya Cuisine
(Oriya Team)
Andhra / Telangana Cuisine
(Hari Hara Sevaks)
Saturday, May 6Andhra / Telangana Cuisine
(Telugu Association of Memphis)
Karnataka Cuisine
(Karnataka team)
Sunday, May 7Kerala Cuisine
(Kerala Team)
No Dinner



MANDATORY dress code for all sponsors and volunteers in Yagnashala – Dhoti for Men and Saree for women (Kurta Pyjamas, pants, shorts NOT allowed). For more details, visit Temple Etiquette.


Parking will be inside ICCT campus at the regular parking areas at:

(1) Opposite to Priest quarters
(2) On the road leading to the temple
(3) Ganesh Nimajjan/Holi food area inside the woods.



Watch the video below to get all the details of the yagnam.