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Facility Rentals

At the ICCT, we provide facilities and amenities that support activities of every size and type. Our Function Hall(MCP), Yagnashala, Meditation Hall, and Dining Hall can be rented at a nominal cost. We also have scheduled educational and social activities that are conducted weekly on our premises. Please see the rates, rental agreement and usage guidelines below for more information.

Contact Information:
Vijay Kalaga
Phone: (901) 485-7889
E-mail: [email protected]

Please make sure you follow the temple visit guidelines specific to the pandemic & temple etiquette during your event time.

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Multi-Purpose Pavilion

Function Hall (MCP) is equipped with state of the art sound & light equipments to satisfy the requirements of divergent audience such as classical music orchestra, light music, cultural programs and marriages. The audio & lighting can be configured for various needs easily. It is an excellent place for weddings, cultural shows, music programs and various other social functions. It can seat upto 400 comfortably and has the dimensions of 50 feet wide and 90 feet deep. The stage is 25 feet / 36 feet.

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Meditation Hall

Meditation Hall – a 2000 sq ft space with an homage to great saints who have contributed immensely to Hindu Philosophy and knowledge. ICCT Gurukulam classes, Sanskrit language, Dance and Music classes are being held in this building every week. Meditation Hall is an excellent place for small gatherings, seminars, and various other social functions. It can accommodate up to 100 comfortably and has the dimensions of 50 feet wide and 40 feet deep.

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The main purpose of this Yagasala is to perform an yearly major Yagnam and several homams to different deities through-out the year. Yagnasala dimensions 100 ft X 50 ft. There is an additional storage room at the fare end of it to accommodate all the required materials for Yagnam. On the left side of Yagnasala has a beautiful view of the huge fountain in the Lake (Padma Saraovaram), a small bridge leading up to the Gazebo in the lake. One can see 7 Sapta Tandavas of Lord Shiva which are 13 feet tall around the lake. There is a huge Sri Chakra fountain backend by a beautiful garden with high-rise stone steps leading to the MCP on the right side of the Yagnasala. Yagnasala is an excellent place for marriages, birthdays and various other social functions. It can accommodate up to 300 comfortably.

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Community Center / Dining Hall

Temple visit is incomplete without visiting our world class Annadanam kitchen and dinning area. By the grace of God, the Annadanam program has continued for more than 15 years. The beauty of the Annadanam program is that it is completely maintained by volunteers, and food is served for free of cost to all devotees. Every Saturday morning a group of dedicated volunteers come together, cook a fresh, satvik vegetarian meal, offer it to God(Naivedyam), and then serve this Mahaprasadam to all devotees. It is estimated that an average of 400-600 devotees have Mahaprasadam every Saturday after Venkateshwara Abhishekam. Last year, a new dinning hall was added to the existing one to accommodate 600 devotees. Both dinning halls can be rented out together or separately for medium to big size parties.

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