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Kotilinga Kshetram FAQ

Does the sponsor have to be a Hindu?

No, anyone, irrespective of their religion is welcome to sponsor.

Are there any limits on Linga sponsorship?

No, there are no limits on the number of Linga’s one can sponsor.

Can I have more than one name engraved at the base of the Linga?

No, only one “individual” or “entity name” or couple (wife and husband) name can be engraved at the base of the linga.

Can I install the linga myself?

Yes, all sponsors can install Lingas with the help of the ICCT priest, on the days announced by ICCT.

I have sponsored a linga for $108. Will my name be engraved with the Lingam?

Only Linga’s at level $10,000 and above will be eligible to have names engraved.

Can I pay my Pledge in instalments?

Yes, Sponsors of Lingas $10,000 and above have the option to pay the donation in installments. This is at the discretion of ICCT.

Does Sponsor have to live in USA?

No, sponsorships are welcome from persons residing in any country. This is an international project.

Is this sponsorship refundable?

No, the donations are non-refundable.

I do not see any activity going on with Kotilinga Kshetram at ICCT, is there anything going on?

Yes, even though you do not see any activity on ICCT ground, the design work and several other planning activities are going on as per plan. Look at the project milestone for more details of ongoing activity.