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Priests services are available at the Temple, in your home, or your place of business. The prices shown are minimum suggested donations payable to ICCT. Priest Dakshina is not included. For services rendered at home: Devotee must provide necessary pooja material, transportation and dakshina for the priests.

To schedule a priest service at home or out of town, please fill up the online pooja booking form. You can contact one of our priests with any questions regarding these services.

Personal Services at Temple: Pooja / services to be pre-scheduled through online bookings at our website. Family members up to 6 members are allowed for personal pujas.

Personal Services at Home:
-All family members aged 12 and above are fully vaccinated.
-Only family members are present during the puja/service. All invited guests can visit the household/event when the priest leaves after completing the puja/service.
-Event host’s responsibility to send us the proof of vaccination of all family members at the time of booking of the puja/service. Proof of vaccination needs to be uploaded through the online puja booking form.
-All family members SHOULD wear a mask covering their mouth and nose, follow appropriate social distance and follow other CDC recommended guidelines related to the pandemic.

Temple Sponsored Events: LIMITED number of sponsors are allowed to participate in Temple sponsored events due to the existing pandemic restrictions. Pooja / services to be pre-scheduled through online bookings at our website.

After sponsoring online, please schedule your visit by clicking here and make sure you follow the temple visiting guidelines when you visit the temple.

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Outside of Shelby County – $251/day + Service fee
A discount of $75 is applicable for all Annual Poshakas on personal services

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