12005 Hwy 64
Eads, TN 38028 USA

ICCT World Tour

ICCT World Tour for PEACE

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Write here why we took this initiation…origin of idea….motivation

Goal & Objective

Write here what we want to achieve…our plan…support…commitment

Word Tour Programs Calendar

2018…committed programs and any future committed programs

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Photo Gallery Request for Service Contact Us

If you are looking for our help in conducting any major Yagnam or Pratishta in your place, please contact us.

Word Tour History

List here programs done so far.

 Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of programs you will perform under this program?

(Example – Yagnam, Pratishta)

What scale you are expecting this to be?

(min 5000 attendees, non-commercial event…etc

Is this a free service? Is there any fees involved?

(Classify here what type programs are fees oriented and free) priest dakshina

Do you accept any donations for your service?

(Mention here we appreciate any donations …give selective options here…X acre(s) bhudanam / Fund for priest quarters / etc.)

What is your expectation on us in terms of program preparation?

procuring items, priests, place selection etc.

Travel and accommodation requirements?

priest travel arrangements etc…

How many months advance we need to reach you?

priest travel arrangements etc…