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Shashti / Kruthika Abhishekam

Sri Subramanya Abhishekam

Evening, 6:00 PM

Due to the ongoing pandemic and for the safety of everyone, masks fully covering the nose and mouth are MANDATORY inside all temple buildings. Vaccination is recommended for all visitors. Please follow temple visiting guidelines when you visit the temple.

Shashti (Sanskrit: षष्ठी, Ṣaṣṭhī, literally “sixth”) is a Hindu folk goddess, venerated as the benefactor and protector of children. She is also the deity of vegetation and reproduction and is believed to bestow children and assist during childbirth. The worship of Shashti is prescribed to occur on the sixth day of each lunar month of the Hindu calendar. She is often depicted to be close to Skanda (Subramanya) and considered as Skanda Mata. On Shasthi and Kruthika tithi’s every month, Sri Subramanya abhishekam is performed at 6:00 PM.

Subramanya (Murugan) Abhishekam Sponsor Now
Subramanya Abhishekam (Shashti / Kruthika) $ 61
Subramanya Abhishekam (Personal Scheduled) $ 151
Subramanya Abhishekam (Skanda Shashti) $ 151
Subramanya Abhishekam (Subramanya Shashti) $ 151
Subramanya Abhishekam (Annual - Shashti & Kruthika) $ 1201