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Samoohika Kedareshwara Vratam

India Cultural Center and Temple

invites your family and friends for 

Samoohika Kedareshwara Vratam

Monday, November 30th, 2020
7:00 PM

Kedara Gauri Vrat, also known as, Kedareshwar Vratam is deemed as a religiously important observance for fulfilling all your wishes and desires. It is believed that several Gods and Goddesses performed this Vratam to get the desired results.

As per the most popular belief, this Vratam was performed by Goddess Parvati. A follower of Lord Shiva trusted and prayed to him excluding Parvati. This, in turn, infuriated the Goddess and she prayed to Rishi Gautama for a solution to become an integral part of Shiva’s body who advised her to observe a strict Kedar Vratam for 21 days with complete devotion. Pleased by this, Lord Shiva granted Goddess Parvati with his left part and this form of his came to be known as ‘Ardhanareeswara’. From that day onwards, this day was observed as Kedar Gowri Vratam as Goddess Gauri herself observed the fast to please Lord Shiva.

According to other significant legends, Lord Vishnu became the king of Vaikunta when He performed this Vratam. Brahma, with this Vratam obtained the Hamsa vehicle. Also, Punyavathi and Bhagyavati garnered huge wealth after observing this fast. So, it is believed that those who perform this vratam with deep devotion are blessed with a long life, health, prosperity and wealth.

Kedareshwara Vratam Puja7:00 PM
Sponsorship – $ 101