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Annadanam FAQ

What is Annadanam program?

The Annadanam program at ICCT is a program where Maha prasadam is served to the devotees who visit the temple without charging them. Typically Annadanam is done every Saturday afternoon by providing lunch to all the devotees. Annadanam is also conducted on other occasions like festivals and Yagnam, refer ICCT Calendar for the details.

What is the meaning of ‘Annam Para Brahma Swaroopam’?

Annam Para Brahma Swaroopam” means that food is an aspect of Brahman; it is a gift from God. Everything that lives was born from Food lives on Food and in the end, shall merge into Food! Food is verily the greatest amongst all Creation. Hindus offer food to God before eating.

Where should a donor or devotees look for the rules, policies and additional information?

This FAQ makes an honest effort to answer many of the questions that Annadatas may have. In addition, the Annadanam page published on the ICCT website offers all the information for the convenience of the community. If there are still unanswered questions, we encourage you to speak to one of the Annadanam team members to get answers.

What is the minimum/maximum donation for Annadanam?

There is no minimum or maximum donation for Annadanam. You are free to donate as per your wish. However, donating a minimum amount of $ 400 will make sure you (and your family) names will be read for Sankalpam by the Priests when conducting Venkateswara abhishekam on that Saturday of annadanam. Donating $7000 ensures Annadanam is done on your behalf on all the Saturdays for a year.

Where can I get a list of 2023 festival dates to sponsor for Annadanam?

Who is eligible for Annadanam sponsorship?

All devotees are eligible for Annadanam sponsorship.

Who is the contact person for Annadanam sponsorship?

The Annadanam team is the primary contact for sponsorship. Please call the below number and your call will be promptly answered by one of the members from the Annadanam team.

Phone: (901) 878-9222
E-mail: [email protected]

How do I pay for Annadanam?

For your convenience, you can pay using any of the following methods:

By Check, Cash, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paypal or Credit Card

By Cash/Check: Make sure you write your name and date of Annadanam on the envelope and drop it in the Temple Hundi.

For Online Payment: Click here

Is my payment secure if I pay for Annadanam through the ICCT website?

Yes, ICCT website utilizes HTTPS, which is a widely used communications protocol for secure communication over a computer network. It provides bidirectional encryption of communications between client (your browser) and server (ICCT website) and protects against eavesdropping and tampering with the contents of the communication.

How many days before should we pay for Annadanam?

You can pay as per your convenience until the day of Annadanam.

Where can I sign up for Annadanam?

There are multiple methods of signing up for Annadanam as listed below:

1. For Online Payment: Click here
2. Send us an Email at: [email protected]
3. Call us on Phone: (901) 878-9222
4. Sign up at the front desk in the Community Center during Saturday Annadanam time.
5. Provide us a print out of the filled-in form below.To download the document, click here.

Do we get tax exception for sponsoring Annadanam?

Yes. All donations excluding personal services to ICCT are eligible for tax exemptions.

Do we get tax benefit receipt for Annadanam?

Yes. A summary of all donations you have made to ICCT are available from the ICCT website. After logging into the website, you have an option of generating your tax report by navigating to “My Account->Year-end tax report” menu from the top navigation menus.

I want to be a donor as well as cook the food myself, Can I do that?

You can be a donor and also can come and help the kitchen volunteer team on your day of Annadanam or any other day.

Do I have an option of selecting a menu of my choice?

The Annadanam team recommends a certain number of menu items and contents. Please talk to the Annadanam team regarding your specific needs.

Do I need to clean the utensils, kitchen after Annadanam?

No. You do not need to clean the utensils or kitchen after the Annadanam. ICCT has appointed a cleaning crew who will take care of the cleaning activities.

What if the cleaning crew is absent, can I help in cleaning kitchen?

There are going to be a few volunteers who would do the cleaning tasks. You are most welcome to join and help them in the cleaning activities.

Can it be more than one sponsor on a day?

Yes. There can be multiple sponsors on any Saturday or any Annadanam day (ref. Temple Calendar). To provide everyone an opportunity to participate in this cause, the Annadanam team accepts multiple sponsors on a day. All the Annadanam money received by the Sponsors is put into a single Annadanam fund and utilized for Annadanam and improving and maintaining Kitchen.

After paying $400 or any higher amount, do I need to come for Food preparation?

No, you do not need to come and prepare food after you have sponsored for Annadanam. However, you are welcome to come and help the volunteers in the Kitchen.

Is there a discount if I sponsor for Annadanam multiple times in a year?

The Annadanam sponsorship is $400 each time. However, there are discounts when you opt to sponsor quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

What is the eligibility for Kitchen Volunteer?

Anybody who wishes to volunteer in the kitchen is most welcome. However, if you are sick or not well, please refrain from volunteering in the kitchen until you get well.

Do we need to chant any Mantra/Stotra before Food preparation in the Kitchen?

As a good practice, Sudarshana Astakam and Gayathri Mantra are chanted by the volunteers before starting food preparation.

How can I support Annadanam program?

You can support Annadanam program in different ways:

– Sponsoring on any Saturday
– Sponsoring on any Festival day or during Yagnam
– Spreading the word and sharing the contact details to your friends
– Sharing the Annadanam link (https://icctmemphis.org/donate/annadanam/)
– Like us on facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ICCTM

Can we do Annadanam on behalf of someone else who is in need of blessings?

Yes, you can do Annadanam on behalf of someone who is in need of blessings.

Can we donate raw materials for Annadanam like rice, daal, vegetables?

Yes. You are free to donate raw materials for Annadanam, if they are unused and unopened. Contact a member of the Annadanam team for further information.

Can we donate items like plates, spoons, tumblers and hand towels/ paper napkins?

Yes. You are most welcome to donate related items for Annadanam, if they are unused and unopened. Contact a member of the Annadanam team for further information.

Can we get children into the kitchen when preparing food?

For the safety of your children we do not recommend bringing children inside the kitchen.

Can I join the volunteer team in kitchen to help in food preparation (in the middle of food preparation) after my pooja is complete on Saturday at 11:00 am?

No. The kitchen can accommodate only a fixed number of volunteers. The volunteer team for cooking on a day is planned and scheduled by the Annadanam team in advance. Please speak to the Annadanam team if you would like to help them.