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How to support your Temple?

ICCT sincerely THANK YOU for your generous contribution which was crucial for supporting the temple. Your support and donations are crucial for the continued day to day operations of the temple. We encourage you to make a donation to the Temple that allows us to continue serving the community. Every penny counts!

There are several ways to support your Temple. Please see the options below and consider contributing to them.

♦ Annual Poshaka, Events & Arjita Sevas, Abhishekams, Gaja Mala
♦ Special offerings to God like Sahasranama Mala/Ashtadala Padmam/Vahana Danam & Ubhayam/Vastra Danam/ Abharan (Jewelry) Offerings
♦ Featured projects like Jewelry Donation, Kotilinga Kshetram Project/Bhudanam.
♦ You can also do General Donation to support day to day operations of the Temple.

All donations comes with benefits & every dollar you donate to Support your Temple is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
!! Be supporter of your Temple and fulfill your duty of supporting Sanatana Dharma !!

Become an Annual Poshaka
Annual Poshaka contributions are utilized for the day-to-day operations, daily poojas, events, maintenance of facilities and supporting priest families, capital improvements such as parking expansion, beautification of the complex with statues, fountains, gardens etc., support cultural events, spiritual engagements and special programs to enhance the overall experience of our visitors.

As we are beginning the new year please consider being a Poshaka of the ICCT. Click here for benefits details.

♦ Dharma Poshaka Poshaka ($400 per annum)   Contribute Now
♦ Yuva Raja Poshaka ($1,000 per annum)   Contribute Now
♦ Raja Poshaka ($2,500 per annum)   Contribute Now
♦ Raja Raja Poshaka ($5,000 per annum)   Contribute Now
♦ Poshaka Chakravarthi ($10,000 per annum)   Contribute Now

Support Your Temple By Sponsoring Temple Events & Arjita Sevas
One of the best ways to support your temple is by sponsoring one or more of your favorite events, festivals, or pujas at the temple. You may choose to sponsor one or more of the following programs at our temple:

♦ Scheduled Pujas / Events More Details
♦ Weekly / Monthly / Annual Events / Special Events

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Sponsor Abhishekam to your favorite deity!
Abhishekams are performed for various deities (Sri Venkateswara, Narasinmha, Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha, Murugan, Naga Devata, Navagraha and other deities) on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Sponsor Abhishekam to your favorite deity on any special event like Birthdays, Wedding days etc.. Or you can also sponsor for recurring Abhishekam monthly/annually for your favorite deity!

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General Donation
All the general donations made towards ICCT temple are used for the regular temple maintenance. If donating towards any specific request or reason, please mention in the sponsorship form.

General Donation donors can request for FREE Archana to your favorite deity.

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Sponsor Gaja Mala Seva! (Pushpa-Danam)
Offering flowers (Pushpa-Danam) to the Lord is an integral and important part of worship. It signifies submission of self to the Lord. All deities will be decorated with the garlands and flowers on a daily basis and special Alankaram will be done on specific events such as Srinivasa Kalyanam, Siva Kalyanam, Ganesh Chaturthi, Brahmotsavam and Navaratri celebrations etc.

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Sponsor Sri Venkateswara Sahasranamamala
Lord Sri Venkateswara’s Sahasranamamala consists of 1008 gold coins made with 22 K gold. This mala bearing a Nama on one side and the Donors name (initials up to 3 letters) on the back. This mala will adore Lord Venkateswara until eternity. Only one name is allowed for each coin. Devotees can sponsor a coin for a donation of $1001 and can choose a name of their loved ones.
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Sponsor Ashtadala Padmam (Golden Lotus Flower for Sri Venkateswara)

ICCT is introducing a new Arjitha Seva for Lord Sri Venkateswara called Ashtadala Pada Padmaaradhana Seva. This seva will be performed on every sunday morning at 9.30 am using 108 Ashtadala (eight petal) golden lotus flowers.

Each flower will be made of gold and decorated with precious stones. Devotees can donate these golden flowers for a donation of $2,500 each. As a token of appreciation, donors can perform Ashtadala Pada Padmaaradhana Seva for their lifetime. Please refer to donor benefits for more details.

This is once in a life time opportunity and great offering to Lord Venkateswara as these Ashtadala Padmas will be used in the Seva until eternity.
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Sponsor Brahmotsavam Vahanams & Ubhayam
Devotees can sponsors for Vahanas & Vahana Seva (Ubhayam) during Brahmotsavam for Sri Venkateswara, Maha Sivaratri for Lord Shiva and on some special occasions. This is an unique opportunity for Vahana sponsors to avail the recognition, honor and blessings during the day of their Vahana Seva. This special privilege will be received by all sponsors every year during Brahmotsavam celebrations & Maha Sivaratri celebrations.

Sponsorship: $5,000 (Lifetime Vahana Seva for one Vahana / Sponsor)
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Kotilinga Kshetram Project
ICCT is pleased, excited and proud to announce that we are undertaking an historical and remarkable project, Kotilingalingita Kailasa Prastharam (Kotilinga Kshetram) which is the 4th phase of growth and development of India Cultural Center and Temple. Kotilinga Kshetram consists of 10 million Bana Lingams of various sizes over a three-dimensional Srichakra of 416’ft square and 108’ft height, also known as Kailasa Prastharam in Srividya literature. At the top of Srichakra (Bindu) sits a 15’ft vigraha of Maha Kameswari and Maha Kameswara in sitting posture, made out of gold-plated bronze.

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