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In light of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, temple will be out of bounds for devotees until further notice. The daily puja, abishekham and other required rituals for the various deities are being performed by the priests as scheduled. Devotees will NOT be temporarily allowed inside the temple or any of the buildings within the premises. This is done to protect the devotees, priests, and the community.

ICCT is also performing special prayers and homam’s (Amrita Mrityunjaya Homam & Dhanvantri Sahitha Maha Sudarshana Homam) for everyone’s well-being. Events are available thru ICCT facebook live stream.

Appeal to Devotees: Under the current circumstances, maintaining the temple and performing daily minimum required rituals is a big financial challenge. It is essential that we make certain that this Temple meets its financial obligations during this difficult period. It is our humble appeal to all ICCT devotees to kindly make generous donations to Temple to continue its daily operations.

We have explored several options to serve our devotees during this challenging period. You may choose one or more of the following donation programs:

Donation Options:

  • General Donation $25
    • Archana for a selected Deity (1 Day)
    • Includes Flowers & Fruits
  • General Donation $51
    • Abhishekam for a selected Deity (1 Day) – Venkateswara (Saturday only) / Shiva / Parvati / Ganesha
    • Includes Flowers & Fruits
  • General Donation $101
    • Abhishekam for all Deities (1 Day) – Venkateswara (Saturday only) / Shiva / Parvati  Ganesha
    • Includes Flowers & Fruits
  • Other Donation Amount (Min $10)
    • Donor family members names are called during Sankalpa
  • Become A Dharma Poshaka $400
    • Abhishekam for all Deities (1 Day) – Venkateswara (Saturday only) / Shiva / Parvati / Ganesha (includes Flowers & Fruits)
    • Annadanam on any one Saturday of the year with no additional charge)
    • Special Archana and blessings on any 3 dates [birthdays, anniversary etc.] (in person)
    • $50 discount for personal services (no limit/year)
    • Free Calendar
    • To support and sustain day-to-day operations and pass on to younger generations

Please schedule your service for any day as per your wish. We all need almighty’s blessing during this unprecedented time. We request you all to support your Temple.

Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated. For any questions or special requests, please contact us or email to [email protected].

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented faith, prayers and actions. With YOUR continued support we hope to get through the current challenges as One! – Strong and ever committed to serve the community accomplish their religious and spiritual needs.

May the blessings of Lord Sri Venkateswara and Chandramowliswara be always with you and your family.

India Cultural Center and Temple.