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Maha Lingarchana in Dallas – Nov 11-13th, 2022

Namaste! / Greetings!

You are receiving this email because you have been associated with India Cultural Center & Temple (ICCT), Memphis. You may have heard of ICCT Kotilinga Kshetram project. We are excited to inform you that we will be visiting Dallas Metro area during the upcoming weekend from November 11 to 13, 2022 to conduct Maha Lingarchana for the benefit of the devotees there and would like to personally invite you to participate in the Lingarchana, there is no sponsorship required for performing Lingarchana.

Maha Lingarchana Event Locations & Timings:

  • Fri Nov 11th, Time: 6:00 pm @ 212 Rolling Fork Bend, Irving TX 75039
  • Sat Nov 12th, Time: 10:30 am @ 1452 Gardenia St, Irving TX 75039
  • Sat Nov 12th, Time: 2:30pm @ 14180 Dorset Ln, Frisco TX 75035
  • Sat Nov 12th, Time: 6:00 pm @ 10823 Pattison Dr, Frisco TX 75035
  • Sun Nov 13th, Time: 10:30 am @ 2592 Berkely Ln, Frisco TX 75036
  • Sun Nov 13th, Time: 2:00 pm @ 13265 Mardi Gras Ln, Frisco TX 75035

Schedule of Events:

  • Maha Lingarchana
    Shiva Linga Abhishekam by Devotees
    Kotilinga Kshetram Presentation

There is no sponsorship required for performing Lingarchana. All are welcome.Please forward this on to your friends, family & anyone that may be interested. 

After the Lingarchana, there will be a short presentation of “Kotilingalingita Poorna Kailasa Prastharam” shortly known as Kotilinga Kshetram.

Kotilinga Kshetram Significance:

Kotilinga Kshetram consists of 10 million Bana lingams of various sizes over a three dimensional Sri Chakra of 416 square feet and 108 feet height, also known as Kailasa Prastharam in Srividya literature. At the top of the Srichakra (Bindu) sits a 18-foot vigraha of Maha Kameswari and Maha Kameswara in sitting posture, made out of gold-plated bronze. Bana Lingams are special stones obtained from Narmada river in Omkareshwar, India and they are considered to be Swayambu (self manifested) Shiva Saligramams. Because of their unique mineral content, these Bana-lingams emit positive energy. This unique concept enhances the emission of positive energy from Bana lingams combined with vibrations of Sri Chakra. Once established, this will be the only place in the world with a unique vibrant Sri Chakra adorned with 10 million Shiva lingams drawing pilgrims and visitors from all around the world. These vibrations will bring auspiciousness to not only Memphis and North America but to the entire world. According to Shiva puranam, consecration of a Shiva lingam will erase countless sins from numerous past lives of the devotee. As per the epic Ramayana, Lord Rama installed 10 million Shiva lingams all over India to get rid of his Brahmahatya Patakam of killing Ravana, a brahmagnani. The donor of the Shiva linga has a unique opportunity to install Shiva lingams with their own hands. For additional details about us, please visit www.kotilingausa.org

For complete details of locations and timings of the events, please see attached poster.

You can also contact below for any further information.

  • Balaji Pilli – (901) 493 8201
  • Prasad Duggirala – (901) 218 4778

Quick Links:

Website: https://www.icctmemphis.org/kotilinga

Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wb8NRYrhsU

Contact Us: https://icctmemphis.org/kotilinga-kshetram/contact-us/

Photo Gallery: https://icctmemphis.smugmug.com/Public/n-DN4NcX/2021/Kotilinga-Kshetram/

With best regards,

Board of Trustees

India Cultural Center and Temple