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Sapta Matrika & Mahalakshmi Lingas – Vaishnavi Lingam


Participate in this unique and holy project and burn away of your negative karma. Lingam(s) will be allocated by first come first serve basis. 

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ICCT is pleased, excited and proud to announce that we are undertaking an historical and remarkable project, Kotilingalingita Poorna Kailasa Prastharam (Kotilinga Kshetram) which is the 4th phase of growth and development of India Cultural Center and Temple. Kotilinga Kshetram consists of 10 million Bana Lingams of various sizes over a three-dimensional Srichakra of 416’ft square and 108’ft height, also known as Kailasa Prastharam in Srividya literature. At the top of Srichakra (Bindu) sits a 15’ft vigraha of Maha Kameswari and Maha Kameswara in sitting posture, made out of gold-plated bronze.

Koti-Lingams (Ten million) indicate the omni presence of Lord Shiva the father of universe. He is represented in an egg shaped stones symbolic of Cosmic Egg from which all universes emanated. Bana Lingams are the special stones from Narmada river in Omkareswar, India and they are considered to be Swayambhu (Self Manifest) Shiva Saligramams. Because of their unique mineral content, these Bana Lingams emit positive energy. This unique concept enhances the emission of positive energy from Bana Lingams combined with vibrations of Srichakra. Once established, this will be the only place in world with unique vibrant Srichakra adorned with 10 million Shiva Lingams drawing pilgrims and visitors from all around the world. These vibrations will bring auspiciousness to not only Memphis and North America but to the entire world.

Significance & Importance of Linga Pratishta:

According to Shiva Puranam, Consecration of a Shiva Lingam will erase countless number of sins from numerous past lives of the devotee. The great epic Ramayana tells us, Lord Rama installed 10 million Shiva Lingams all over India to get rid of his Brahmahatya Patakam (Great sin of killing a Brahmagnani – Ravana).

The donor has a unique opportunity to install Shiva Lingams with their own hands and erase negative karma from many of their past lives. The names of the donors who contribute $10K and above will be engraved on the base of their chosen Shiva Lingam. Due to the Grace of Lord Shiva and mother Parvathi, their life will become auspicious and they will be part of a historic event.We hope to start the construction of this historical project in the summer of 2020 and complete by 2025. As with all other projects of ICCT, we hope to be successful with your continued generous support.

Participate in this unique and holy project and burn away of your negative karma. Lingam(s) will be allocated by first come first serve basis. All interested Donors, please select your choice of Lingam(s) by using the links below. Sponsorship starts from $108.

For any further information, please contact us.

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