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Service Charges 2020

Prices listed below are changing effective January 1st, 2021. Please visit this page on or after January 1st to view updated service prices.

Priests services are available at the Temple, in your home, or your place of business. The prices shown are minimum suggested donations payable to ICCT. Priest Dakshina is not included. For services rendered at home: Devotee must provide necessary pooja material, transportation and dakshina for the priests.

To schedule a priest service at home or out of town, please fill up the online pooja booking form. You can contact one of our priests with any questions regarding these services.

Surcharge: Weekend services at Home for Non-Poshaka only – $25

A $50 Poshaka discount will be provided for qualifying services

Outside of Shelby County – $150/day + Service fee

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Pooja/Service At Home At Temple
 Sahasranama Archana $30.00
 Abhishekam (For any Deity) $125.00
 Kalyanotsavam $175.00
 Satyanarayana Pooja $275.00 $200.00
 Punyahavachanam $225.00
 Any Homam $275.00 $200.00
 Vahana Pooja (New Vehicle; No discount) $75.00
 Bhoomi Pooja (Ground Breaking) $250.00
 Gruhapravesam (House Warming) $350.00
 Gruhapravesam with Homam or Satyanarayana Pooja $500.00
 Nischithardham (Engagement) $275.00 $200.00
 Vivaham (Wedding) $625.00 $550.00
 Seemantham (Baby Shower) $325.00 $250.00
 Namakaranam (Naming) $225.00 $150.00
 Annaprasanam (Baby Feeding) $225.00 $150.00
 Kesa Khandanam (Hair Offering) $225.00 $150.00
 Aksharabhyasam (Letters Initiation) $225.00 $150.00
 Upanayanam (Sacred Thread Ceremony) $625.00 $550.00
 Shashtyabda Poorthi (60th Birthday) $625.00 $550.00
 Hiranyana Shraddam (Death Anniversary) $225.00 $150.00
 Anthya Kriya (Last-Rites) $550.00
Special Services
 Udayaasthamaya Seva  $525.00/Day
 Venkateswara/Siva Sahasranamarchana  $551.00/Yr
 Abhishekam – Parvathi/Lakshmi (Friday)  $551.00/Yr
 Ganesh Abhishekam on Sankata Hara Chaturthi  $551.00/Yr
 Murugan Abhishekam on Shashti or Krittika  $551.00/Yr
 Ayyappa Abhishekam on Sankramanam  $551.00/Yr
 Abhishekam – Siva (Masa Sivaratri)  $551.00/Yr
 Lalitha/Lakshmi Sahasranamarchana  $551.00/Yr
 Gaja Mala (Fresh flowers) Seva  $501.00/Week, $501/Event
 Venkateswara Abhishekam  $3000.00/Yr
 Narasimhaswamy Abhishekam / Sahasranamarchana  $551.00/Yr
 Naga Devatha Abhishekam  $551.00/Yr
 Kala Sarpa Dosha Pooja  $551.00/Yr
 Rahu Kethu Pooja  $551.00/Yr
 Naga Devatha Homam + Abhishekam + Rahu Ketu Pooja (As done in Sri Kalahasti)  $501.00
Cultural Center Utilization (Kitchen Building)
 Security Deposit  $100.00
 Both Dining Halls (Without kitchen)  $600.00
 Before 5:00 pm (Any one hall)  $50.00/hr
 Between 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm (Old dining hall)  $200.00
Multipurpose Ceremonial Pavilion (Function Hall)
 Security Deposit  $500.00
 Hourly Rental Rate  $200.00/hr
 Half Day Rate  $1000.00
 All Day Rental Rate (8:00 AM to 11:00 PM)  $2000.00
 Wedding Package (Hall + Priest Services)  $3000.00
 Chairs each $1.00
 Tables each $5.00
Meditation Hall
 Half Day  $300.00
 Full Day  $500.00