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Sri Ravindranath Vempati (Sharma Ji)

Yogacharya Sri Ravindranath Vempati (Sharma Ji) hails from South Indian Yogic family in which Yoga is a family lineage for several generations. He was initiated into Yoga by his grandfather in 1979 and began teaching Yoga at the very young age of 11 years. He studied Yoga therapy & Naturopathy in Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar.

His global Yoga teachings and performances started in 2004 with South Korea. Sharma ji received award from Ministry of Culture, Government of India and soon was appointed as Indian Cultural diplomat at various India’s foreign missions in abroad. He has trained thousands of International Yoga Teachers in Indonesia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Nepal and USA.

After teaching in New York (2018), California (2019) and Texas (2020), Sri Ravindranath Vempati is now dedicated to preserve India’s ancient Yoga science with various Yoga courses and workshops at our Indian Cultural Center & Temple (ICCT), Memphis.

Apart from being a Guru of Yoga, Sri Ravindranath Vempati has 3 decades of working experience at religious / spiritual / cultural organizations. Being a Rig-Vedic Brahmin, he studied Smartha & Vedanta philosophy at the oldest city Banaras.

Other than Yoga & Vedanta proficiency, Sri Ravindranath Vempati is a maestro of bamboo Flute. He often uses his composed melodious flute music tunes during his Live Music for Meditation sessions.

Sri Ravindranath Vempati is proficient in Telugu, Kannada, English, Hindi


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