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Poshaka - Chakravarthi $10k

Annual Poshakas of the ICCT are crucial for the continued day to day operations of the temple.

These contributions are utilized for the day-to-day operations, maintenance and capital improvements such as parking expansion, beautification of the complex with statues, fountains, gardens etc., support cultural events, spiritual engagements and special programs to enhance the overall experience of our visitors.

Please find the different levels of Poshaka sponsorships and the benefits for each level. In recognition of these contributions during these times we are offering a special benefit to the Poshakas. Poshakas of the ICCT can now visit the temple any time during the temple hours with a scheduled appointment.

!! Be a Poshaka and fulfill your duty of supporting Sanatana Dharma !!

I'd like to help cover transaction fees so 100% of my donation goes to the Temple. Thank you!
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